I was born and raised in La Paz, a small city in Mexico. Pets were always a big part of my life as they were considered part of my family, so growing up surrounded by dogs and cats showed me how to love and care for them.

Early in life I understood that in order to keep my pets happy and healthy, we needed to have a reliable veterinary service at hand, and living in a small city, this was actually something complicated to secure, so I discovered my wish to become a veterinarian.

A few life plot twists lead me to study business accountancy, but I knew that was not something I wanted, so once I finished with my studies, I enrolled right away in the Veterinary Medicine program at the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur, graduating in 2017.

After 3 years of working as a DVM in Mexico, I decided that it was finally time to move to Canada to be reunited with my husband, I obtained my work permit and applied at IVAH as a VA, and now I’m happy and proud to be a member of such a wonderful team of veterinary professionals.

My husband and I are parents to a lovable 5yo “forever puppy” terrier mix named Fredo, and a sassy 1yo kitten named Gigi, who doesn’t care much about his human parents as much as he does for his dog brother.

In my spare time I enjoy watching sci-fi and thriller tv shows and movies, play videogames with my husband and chase around my 4-legged critters.