I joined the IVAH Care Team in March of 2020… and then the world sort of shut down for a bit so my introduction into the IVAH family wasn’t the most traditional but I couldn’t have picked a better team to be a part of during such odd times!

My animal loving journey began pretty early in life. One of my dad’s favourite stories from my childhood is the time he took me to a petting zoo and took his eye off me for a second only to find me trying to get one of the baby goats in the car to come home with us… I was 2. Throughout my childhood, my parents were very understanding of my love for animals. They allowed me to bring home any little critter I fell in love with. It all started with a fish… then some guinea pigs, some rats, a few birds, a ferret, and maybe one too many reptile friends.

In 2012 I moved to Guelph where I spent the next 4 years working with both lab and farm animals while I acquired my Bachelors of Science in Animal Biology. I then spent a short period of time working in animal research as well as in dog training which I continued throughout college. I attended Sheridan College in the Veterinary Technician Program in 2017 and officially became an RVT in the summer of 2019!

I currently live in Etobicoke with my dog Penny (a young Newfoundland Poodle) and my cat Hector (a young certified sassy pants). When I’m not at work, I’m usually binging the latest Netflix docuseries or watching too many scary movies and eating too much popcorn. I enjoy reading and writing, especially if I can find a nice place to sit and enjoy some time by the beach or after exploring a new hiking trail with Penny!