I joined the IVAH Careteam in August 2018. My lifelong dream has been to care for animals It is such an honour to be doing exactly that. I have always felt very close to all types of animals and this is something that I believe my parents instilled in me. They showed me that all of the Earth’s creatures deserve our love and respect and I am very grateful for that as those ideals have shaped who I am.

I grew up in the small town of Port Perry with my family and our dog a walker hound, named Lola. Lola was the first dog that I had from a puppy and she is still my best friend. When I finished high school, I moved to Toronto to attend Humber College and I have been in the city ever since. Currently, I live in Forest Hill with my partner, Max, and our 3 cats, Shark, Big and Leo. Shark came from Toronto Animal Services almost 5 years ago and we adopted Big and Leo from Toronto Cat Rescue.

I also teach Yoga classes across Toronto and I volunteer at Toronto Cat Rescue at least once a week. When I have space in my home, I will take in foster cat or two.