Double Barn Door Hardware

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Double Barn Door Hardware

When needing an acoustic and visual division between spaces, the classic wall with a passage for a hinged door occupies not only too much room but also looks bland. Optimizing spaces is an essential part of interior design, and barn doors are great-looking choices for diving spaces anywhere. They give a unique touch of natural charm and fresh interior design to any setting. 

Barn doors come in many styles, from simple slide doors for homes to big panels in public buildings that illuminate modern aesthetic. To cover every possible need, we offer a variety of doors that, coupled with our sliding door hardware kit, can fit in a wide range of private and professional settings. 

AD System Doors

These types of doors are the most versatile. It consists of a sliding door mechanism with acoustic isolation that a 4-side acoustic seal gives for noise isolation. Our expertise with barn door hardware is put to good use, as they are top hung only, with a heavy-duty roller system that makes for easy and quiet movement to the left and right. It saves a lot of space compared to swinging or hinged doors, and with their properties, they are ideal for hospitals, clinics, office buildings, and hallways.

Elephant Doors

These wide sliding doors are the perfect fit for wide public spaces. We specially design the panels that are used for this mechanism for perfect noise isolation and a quiet electrical mechanism for its sliding movement. These are also coupled with discrete barn door handles, so in case of power malfunction, they can be easily opened despite their size.

Weave supplied studios like Disney and Warner with these doors, and we recommend them for big storage units, stages, and theaters.

Operable Walls

These doors are designed for impact, as they cover big spaces with moving panels. Our operable walls are specialized barn doors that slide to reveal beautiful architecture. As they open, they give a visual cue to the public by showing to be open for business. With sturdy barn door tracks and support made of steel, they don’t require floor track, making them unobtrusive. This also allows for a seamless transition from an open to a closed space. They are perfect for large office buildings, convention centers, hotels, high school gymnasiums, and museums. 

Accordion Doors

These rustic barn doors make for a perfect addition to both modern and rustic designs. We offer woodfold accordion doors that can be fitted to any space. These aren't acoustic seals, but they are perfect for spaces that require visual isolation. They can be the ultimate touch for your house, public office spaces, and open school spaces, providing visual isolation when needed.

Mobiflex Security Doors

These specialized barn doors provide much-needed security to your shop (or a very specialized addition to some homes). With our barn door pulls included, it rests on our steel tracks with two presentations, with a folding closure or rolling closure, with custom measures for small or large businesses.

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Double Barn Door Hardware
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Double Barn Door Hardware
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