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If you’re a new pet owner, it can be daunting to find high-quality veterinary care and know what to expect on a visit with your pet. If you’re unsure and live near Etobicoke in Ontario, Islington Village is a highly rated Etobicoke veterinary hospital that offers comprehensive pet care.

What should I expect on my first vet visit?

Make sure your book your appointment early if your vet clinic is quite busy. You don’t want to waste time unnecessarily and make your pet even more anxious. Arrive at the vet about 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment.

Your first vet visit could be nerve-wracking for your pet, especially if it’s a cat. So, make your pet extra comfortable on their first day. Bring along their favorite toy to remind them of something familiar in a strange environment.

Also, do remember to bring along any medical records, earlier vet visit history, and prescription containers. Any information regarding their breeding background could also be useful, but not necessary.

It’s better that you stop feeding your pets around four years prior to the appointment, they will receive treats at the clinic to create a positive memory.

When should I take my pets to the vet?

You should take your pet to the veterinary hospital if there is an emergency (blood loss, broken bones, vomiting, etc.) or if there is unusual behavior (they’ve stopped eating, unusually quiet, etc.).

The following situations will classify as emergencies:

  • It is an emergency if they’ve experienced sudden stress, injuries or trauma (e.g., excessive blood loss after an accident, broken bones, etc.) and you should take them to our Etobicoke veterinary hospital asap
  • If they haven’t eaten for 24 hours or more (cats and dogs)
  • If they have sudden difficulties in breathing, especially if cats start breathing through their mouth.
  • If they are vomiting uncontrollably, they will be dehydrated quickly and need urgent treatment.
  • If they have trouble urinating, defecating, or show signs of diarrhea. For cats, difficult urination can indicate stones in their urinary tract, which require immediate removal.
  • If they have ingested allergens (chocolate, xylitol, grapes, and raisins for dogs and lilies and Tylenol for cats)

Other non-emergency cases include:

  • Sudden behavioral changes, such as agitation, anger, or unusually silent and anti-social.
  • Unusual physical symptoms such as extensive hair loss, open sores, white gums, etc.

What financial options are there for paying veterinary costs?

Your veterinary costs will largely depend on the procedures you choose and where you live. The costs for the same procedure can vary greatly between different regions in the country.

You should also look into insurance programs. We offer the OVMA Pet Health Insurance Program, which features:

  • Wide range of coverage, even for dental, alternative therapy and behavioral therapy
  • Concessions for loyal members.
  • Quick processing of claims
  • Option for direct payment to the vet practice from the insurance company
  • Range of coverage choices that won’t break your bank.

At Islington Village, our Etobicoke veterinary hospital ranks among the leading vet facilities you could find. Contact us today, and get your pet the treatment it deserves.

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