Walk In Vet Clinic Toronto

If you are looking for a walk-in vet clinic in Toronto, we, at Islington Village, are ready to help you with our team of professionals. We understand that the health and the happiness of your little furry friend are equally important, and you need medical services available at any time.

What is a walk-in clinic?

A walk-in pet clinic accepts walk-in patients while a regular clinic accepts patients only by appointment or emergencies. The main benefit of a walk-in clinic is that you do not have to wait for days for a routine checkup for your pet. You can now just take your dog out for a walk and stop for a dental service or an examination on the way.

Furthermore, a walk-in clinic offers the advantage of being accessible and often inexpensive. Since you have no prior appointment, in case there is a little queue or scheduled patients, you may have to wait for a few minutes.

What services will a walk-in clinic provide?

Most of the services provided by a walk-in clinic are similar to those of a regular vet clinic. For some special or thorough investigations, we would like to ask you to book an appointment to make sure that our specialty veterinarian is available in the clinic. However, there's no need to worry about it; we can help you with the appointment during your visit. As a walk-in vet clinic in Toronto, we can assist your pet with:

  • Flea and tick medicine
  • Vaccines with certification
  • Wellness exam and regular checkup
  • Urgent care and emergency services
  • Oral and dental care

Following the initial findings, we will then discuss with you our recommendations, or we will schedule an appointment for further examination if needed. It is important to come in for regular check-ups to prevent any type of disease or health issue that may arrive unnoticed.

The benefits of a walk-in clinic

A walk-in pet clinic is designated to cater to your pet's urgent needs, without wasting much time in crossing half the city to reach a hospital. There are few clear advantages of such unit that we would like to present:

  • Convenience in an emergency - in case of an accident or seizures, you may not have the luxury to visit your usual clinic, so a walk-in vet clinic that is closer to you is more than just convenient. It is also easier to get in when your pet needs urgent medical attention with less paperwork involved.
  • Prescriptions - if your walk-in vet clinic in Toronto does not have the drugs for your pet, the vet will probably write down the prescription, and you can buy it from the nearby pharmacy.
  • Lower costs – there are limited types of patients they can see, such as cats or dogs. Cost for supplies and treatments for small animals are less expensive, helping the clinic to keep the prices low.

By visiting us at Islington Village, we are committed to offering you quality services at affordable prices. Our main concern is to make sure that your pet receives optimal medical care and prevention services.

Walk In Vet Clinic Toronto